IIs very important to understand and tell the signs apart since they will guide you along The Way Please, read this section carefully if it is the first time you are doing The Way:   You should pay attention to two different signs: 1. The Shell. 2. The Arrow. They should not be difficult to follow if there was an agreement in the position of both. The problem is that there is no such agreement. So you will find different positions of The Shell in Asturias and Galicia together with the combinatioj of The Arrow. Let us explain in detail: In Asturias, you will find a great number of milestones in the position that it is normally found on this land. The narrowest part of The Shell indicates the path to be followed. Sometimes this Shell is combined with a Yellow Arrow to reinforce the direction. If you come across this type of sign DO NOT PAY ATTENTION.  It is a traffic sign. It is information to vehicles to indicate that The Way goes in that direction and that they should pay attention since they might find pilgrims walking along the shoulders of the road. It is confusing some pilgrims that see The Shell and The Yellow Arrow and think they should go left.   In Galicia you will also come across, but fewer, milestones with The Shell. In this case, the widest part indicates the way to be followed. The Shell is normally combined with a Yellow Arrow to reinforce the direction. Both in Asturias and Galicia, the Yellow Arrow is easy to interpret and it is the one we should pay attention to. With this explanation you should not have any problem to follow the correct way, but sometimes some mistakes have been found regarding these signs, According to general standards, The Shell is merely a sign indicating that you are on The Way; therefore, you should always follow The Yellow Arrow even if it is on a milestone with a Shell. This regulation is creating a lot of confusion, specially to foreign pilgrims. In Asturias, specially in the small villages you pass by, signs with the combination of The Shell and The Yellow Arrow are being added to The Way. You might find it in streetlights, posters, corners, etc. However, most of the times, the position of The Shell and The Arrow is a mere coincidence  In Galicia, most of the milestones are being changed to milestones with The Shell and The Yellow Arrow engraved. And most of the times The Shell will not follow the pattern expected. You will also find the Shell and The Arrow in walls, streetlights, etc. As previously mentioned, it is important to follow The Arrow. When coming across a milestone in Galicia, you will find The Shell in any position (either in the Asturian position or the Galician one). Therefore, pay always attention to The Arrow, if not, you might get lost. To sum up: 1.  If the milestone has only The Shell, follow the narrowest part in     Asturias and the widest one in Galicia. 2. If you see The Shell and The Arrow together, follow ONLY The     Arrow, both in Asturias and Galicia

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