PUBLIC SHELTER: It is a lodging which depends on an official institution. For example: a council or the administration of a n autonomous government. They are run by a person who works as an “hospitalero” or volunteer host. Its equipment or features are basic in general but all of them have the necessary elements for a pilgrim. Breakfast, lunch or dinner are not included so you need to find a place to eat in the village. There are some exceptions, though. It is recommended calling the lodging in advance to know the services that it includes beforehand. Important: you cannot book a bed in advance.
PRIVATE SHELTER: It is normally a better lodging since it covers all the needs a pilgrim might need along The Way. It is run by a person who works as an “hospitalero” and he/she is normally the owner of the establishment. We can find two types: 1) Private with a fee that covers accommodation and other services 2) Private with no fee, covering accommodation and other services. In these lodgings you can leave a donation/tip for all the services they provide.
It is recommended calling the albergue/shelter in advance to know the services they have and to know what the price includes. Be serious and respectful if you book in advance since other pilgrims might not find accommodation if you book and dont show up in the end. As a consequence of this, many private shelters are starting not to accept bookings.
OTHER LODGINGS: Inns, hostels, hotels, rural houses, etc are private and their prices and services tend to vary.
Regarding the number of spots available at the public lodgings we come back to the pre-covid situation. The order and priorities to follow for the pilgrims to stay are the following: 1) Pilgrims with some physical disability 2) Pilgrims who are doing The Way on foot 3) Pilgrims who are doing The Way on a horse 4) Pilgrims who are doing The Way with a back-up vehicle 5) Pilgrims by bike 6) Pilgrims who are starting The Way in the shelter
IMPORTANT: -The spots will be covered according to strict order of arrival. No booking allowed. -Pilgrims can only stay one night. A maximum of three nights will be allowed only if you are sick or because of force majeure. -Opening and closing hours are established by the establishment. (In Galicia the opening hour is at 1 p.m and the closing hour at 10 p.m) RECOMMENDATIONS for the other lodgings when doing The Way: If you prefer to stay at private lodgings, book in advance and call to confirm your arrival every day. INFORMATION about the lodgings that you will see in the PDF: -The lodgings that are mentioned are on The Way, which means that you dont need to deviate from the path. -If you prefer to stay at other lodgings located near the official way you need to check the section “where to stay” and go to the link linked to the city hall where you can find other accommodation. In the list with all the lodgings you will be able to see in each stage the following information: 1) The place or locality 2) The council where to find the lodging 3) The milestone where you are 4) The number of establishments available In the document of each stay, in the section “where to stay” you can see more details and pictures about each establishment whether it is public or private. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO OPEN OR DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT