Important: In the Primitive Way, in the Asturian stages, we should pay attention to following parts of the route: 1.Stage: Grado-Salas Once you passed Doriga cemetry and the new highway, on the left you will find a path covered with limestone rocks. They are very slippery when it is raining and in damp or cold weather. On top of that, the profile of the ground decreases sharply, so you should make use of your walking sticks to avoid fallings or slips. You can check the information about this stage in which we indicate the abovementioned dangerous stretch. 2.Stage: Salas-Tineo Once you get to the N-634 road, have great caution because the road bearly has shoulder to protect you against vehicles when walking. Mind your steps in bends with poor visibility specially if you are walking on the left side of the road. You can check the information about this stage in which we i ndicate the abovementioned dangerous stretch. 3.Stage: Salas-Tineo In El Pedregal, you will find the St.James fountain; a little bit farther, you will continue walking along the road N-634. At this point, cross the road to the opposite side and continue walking with great caution until getting to San Justo y Pastor Church. After walking 100 metres you will have to cross the road again to the right side to continue walking along the footpath. 4.Stage: Tineo-Campiello-Pola de Allande In Villaluz, you will find a public fountain next to the chapel of the village, but it doesn’t have water anymore. This is because the town hall has authorised a neighbour to get water and, consequently, it doesn’t reach the public fountain any longer. On top of that, some pilgrims have complained about the conditions and service given at the Municipal Pilgrims’ Shelter during the year 2017. The council has not paid attention either to the suggesttions made to solve the conditions of the so-called “escalerinas en Porciles” (steps in Porciles), the spot that takes you to El Alto de Lavadoira, just before getting to Polla de Allande. You can check the information about this stage in which we indicate the abovementioned dangerous stretch. After leaving Villaluz, you will set your course towards Campiello or Borres. Throughout this way, you will walk along a very narrow road, without shoulders to protect you from vehicles. Mind your steps in bends with poor visibility, specially when you get to Berrugoso. The authorities of the Principality of Asturias are repainting the milestones in white and attaching a new official plate from the institution. In Asturias the milestones only have the Shell, and not the yellow arrow. Remember to bear in mind the orientation of the shell in Asturias (which is not the same in Galicia). The narrowest part of the shell indicates the direction to be followed. A mix of both types of orientation is seeing as well. Shell and yellos arrows in the same sign. If you happen to spot on, follow always the yellow arrow. GALICIA In Fonsagrada, the Municipal Pilgrims’ Shelter in Padrón (located in the outskirts of Fonsagrada) is currently closed. However, a new Municipal Pilgrims’ Shelter has opened in July 2017 in Fonsagrada.It is located next to Santa María Church. The Regional Government of Galicia is currently changing the mislestones to better. The milestones in Galicia have a Shell (in any position) and a yellow arrow to indicate the way to be followed.